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Friday, August 17, 2018 7:30 PM
The Groove, New York, NY
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Colombian singer/composer/musician/producer JOSE DARIO MARTINEZ ACOSTA​, better known
as "CHABUCO" ​is without a doubt a gifted natural talent. Through his veins runs the musical
heritage of his father, the extraordinary Colombian guitarist HUGUES MARTINEZ​, who is a living
legend of the coastal folklore in the region. CHABUCO was ​born in Valledupar, Colombia on June
1st, 1975 and was raised in a home where art transpired; amongst painters, composers and
musicians. From an early age he began to dabble in the interpretation of percussion, accordion and
guitar, to accompany his extraordinary voice in the musical gatherings and parties celebrated in the
most traditional places in the Colombian province.
Thus, this innate talent was imbibed with the folklore of his roots, experienced first hand from all the
great folklorists of his town. However, his real start in the musical world was not until he arrived in
Bogota and joined the group "LOS PELAOS" ​from 1998 to 2000. The unique charisma of this artist
led him to numerous international tours with the group around 14 European countries including
Spain, Italy, Germany and Sweden, as well as several Latin American countries including Mexico
and 8 cities in the United States.
When the group parted ways, Chabuco ​participated in choral arrangements of important and varied
artists. His albums, Morirme de Amor (with Cuban Alfredo Nodar), Nacio Mi Poesia (a collaborative
album with Nicolas De Los Rios), Clásicos Café La Bolsa and De Ida y Vuelta, are a journey
through all music styles and genres. In this last album ​listed many outstanding musicians
participated, including Kike Purizaga, Diego Valdez, Carlos Huertas and Israel Suárez 'Piraña'. This
album revolutionized the way in which albums in Colombia were released from its distribution
through the daily print newspaper El Tiempo in Colombia. The album sold more than half a million
copies, something never done before by any artist in the country.
This artist is a lover of the Vallenato culture and Colombian folklore. Throughout his career he has
collaborated and performed at famous venues such as the Bellas Artes Palace in Mexico, Sala
Berlanga in Madrid and the House of Blues in Stockholm, Sweden. He has performed in many
prestigious music festivals and award shows around the world including HeForShe (Mexico), Latin
Billboard Showcase (Colombia), W Radio Concert (Miami), United Nations Concert (Mexico) and
Nuestra Tierra Awards (Colombia) where he was nominated for Best Album of the Year in 2012.
Chabuco also had the honor of participating in the documentary La guitarra vuela (2016), which
follows the 9-country tour of the last guitar made ​for the late Spanish musical genius Paco de Lucia.

Chabuco has collaborated and performed with a wide range of international artists such as
Alejandro Sanz, Juanes, Fonseca, Rosana, Antonio and José Miguel Carmona, Magos & Limon,
Santiago Cruz, Daniel Baute, Sole Giménez, Diego El Cigala, Mojito Lite and Rosario Flores,
among many others.
After an enlightening trip to Spain in which he explored the local Colombian sounds originating from
Spanish decent, Chabuco began to dream of making music in Brazil with these local sounds. The
artist had his first encounter with Brazilian music as a child when his father played 60’s music at
"They still resonate in my head, the countless carousing in my father’s house, Hugues Martinez in
Valledupar, adorned with sunset and accordion sounds from Colacho Mendoza, Emiliano Zuleta,
Gustavo Gutiérrez and where even a magician presented his act: magician Borletti.
And it was precisely this closeness, throughout my childhood, with all these poetic minstrels, that
allowed me to create my own concept for the meaning of Vallenato.
Many will say that I am not the person to talk about vallenato folklore, because of the way I interpret
it. They will claim this because I didn't use box, guacharaca or accordion in my musical projects, but
instead accompanied my vallenato songs with piano, bass and drums, fusing other music - bolero,
ranchera, flamenco and samba - which I also heard in the celebrations of my childhood. " says the
His new album ‘Encuentro’, which he began recording on April 15th, 2017, was released on May
11th, 2018, and was recorded in Sao Paulo, Brazil with producer Swami Jr. The album includes
collaborations with the Spaniard Alejandro Sanz, Dominican Vicente Garcia and the famous
Brazilian pianist Zé Godoy. Chabuco always proudly states about ‘Encuentro’: "I passionately
recorded this album with the artists I always dreamt of working with".
Facebook: ​@ChabucoOficial
Instagram:​ @Chabuco1
Twitter: ​@Chabuco
YouTube:​ ChabucoVEVO
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