The Justice Collective

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The Justice Collective
Wednesday, May 1, 2019 7:30 PM
The Groove, New York, NY
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The Justice Collective is a musical project created by Boyce upon moving to New York City. This band, though an ever-shifting experiment, is consistently focused on alluding to an educated understanding of improvising and jazz harmony while occupying a less swing-focused and more mainstream rhythmic pallette. The group thrives on the level of friendship shared between members, even if the lineup isn't the same every time, there are no enemies and there is no negative energy occupying the musical space, instead all energy is focused on nurturing each other's creativity and unique talents to create a sum total sound that reflects every musician's contribution to the group. There is no mystical or mysterious energy surrounding the group, these are simply just talented human beings who enjoy each other's company and the company of those who listen. Humans make this music, so we act like humans. The group is set to record in 2019, and will make frequent appearances in New York City in the coming months.
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